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How you can help:


Your tax deductible contribution keeps our mission moving forward. We want to continue to produce quality literature by writers you need to know. A contribution in any amount will be used to get the next manuscript into print and eBook format


The South is rich with stories, some of which have been told over the years by fiction writers such as Harper Lee, William Faulkner, Flannery O'Connor, and Fannie Flagg. Southern history has been recounted by such historians as C. Van Woodward, W. J. Cash, Diane McWhorter, and Wayne Flynt. But there are many more stories to tell and Solomon & George wants be a part of sharing them with interested readers.


You can make a one-time gift or a sustaining donation in any amount to Gnu Arts Inc. through PayPal.



How your donation can directly help an author:


  • A donation of $100 wil help pay travel expenses and a small stipend to allow an author to perform a reading at a venue that otherwise could not afford to have an author appear. We partner with venues in small, underserved communities nearby to bring the literary arts to their area. 


  • A donation of $250 will help an author with editorial and proofreading services. Everyone benefits from a good editor and proofreader and it is not always possible to find a qualified volunteer to perform these duties.


  • A donation of $500 will help provide editorial assistance + layout/design of a book (including an ISBN and a professional cover design). While we use skilled volunteers as much as possible, a good graphic designer is key to making a book of quality. 


  • A donation of $1,000 will help the book simultaneously get printed and offered as an eBook. For a donation in this amount, we will recognize you in the acknowledgements section of the book and furnish you with a personal note and signed copy by the author.




For any questions regarding donations, please contact:








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